Microsoft is always looking for new ways to expand collaboration possibilities within its apps. Check out the latest updates coming to Microsoft 365 this month!

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Collaborate using Excel Live

This new feature makes it easy to collaborate with meeting participants by sharing Excel worksheets. You can select the files you want to share, grant permissions and enable editing directly from the meeting window.

View full chat thread in search message results

Instead of only being able to see the selected message, you will now be able to see the full chat thread once you click on the search result.

Create contact groups in Calls App

Within the Calls App you will now be able to create and edit contact groups.

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Support for multi-staff availability

This update will make it easier to manage the calendar when multiple staff are available at once.

Naming Policy

This will allow custom prefix/suffix and blocked words in the Bookings calendar.

Add additional ‘Cc’ email addresses

You will soon be able to add additional ‘Cc’ email addresses to confirmation and reminder emails.


Message recall in Exchange Online

This new update has improved on the message recall feature available in Outlook, allowing you to recall messages sent to almost all recipients.


Activity columns in files

In the OneDrive Business Web app in ‘My Files’, you will now see an activity column that will show any shared documents with unseen edits or comments.

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