Microsoft are always looking for new ways to expand collaboration possibilities within their apps. Check out the newest updates coming to Microsoft 365 this month!

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Press ‘Ctrl + Spacebar’ to speak

This allows you to temporarily unmute yourself by pressing these buttons to speak.

Dynamic emergency calling for working from home for VDI on Azure Virtual Desktop

This feature is due to be released early next year. It will allow users on Azure Virtual Desktop on VDI to make emergency calls whilst working from home. You will be able to validate and edit the address that will be used to speak to the emergency responders.

Cortana now available for EDU customers in international markets

Cortana voice assistance will be available to both Teams mobile and desktop applications for EDU customers. This will help streamline communication, collaboration and class-related tasks in school using spoken natural language.

1:1 calling in the Safari web browser

1 to 1 calling from Teams is coming to Safari. You will be able to initiate the call from the App or from the Call button in the header of a 1:1 chat.

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OneDrive and SharePoint

Improved Move or Copy user experience

The refreshed Move/Copy feature will make it easier to choose where to move or copy your files and folders.


New information architecture on iOS

This update will show all commanding options using the bottom sheet, making it easier to discover options.

Sync admin reports – sorting and filtering

Added support for sorting and filtering the list of devices in the Sync admin reports.

Sync admin reports – aggregated errors view

Gives you the ability to view an aggregated summary view of the top sync errors happening within your organisation.


Dictate emails on Android

You will soon be able to use the speech-to-text feature to write email messages on Android devices.


Simple markup view in Word for web

Coming in December…this keeps suggestions from others, both tracked changes and comments, allowing you to focus on the document itself whilst remaining aware that there are suggestions present.


Hub to hub site association

This will add the ability to associate a SharePoint hub site to another hub site to expand search results across multiple hubs in your organisation. This will allow you to discover relevant content when searching on sites related to associated hubs.

Private drafts for SharePoint pages and news

This will give you the ability to create private drafts for pages and news posts. This will only be visible to the page author, the admins, and the people the author chooses to share it with.

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