Microsoft is constantly updating their products and it pays to keep up-to-date with changes. AI is set to transform how we use Microsoft applications, so this is particularly true now. Read on to see how these new features can save you time and enhance your productivity.

Improved Search

The new search in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint is more reliable, intelligent and faster.

  • The search tool has moved to the title bar
  • Spelling error detection added. For example: “Olevar” will show results for “Oliver”
  • “Tell me what you want to do” functionality added. For example: “Add header”
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AI Capabilities Coming to Microsoft Editor

Tone suggestion – helps users to make thoughtful decisions about the way a message is conveyed in emails, chat and documents.



Conciseness – Identifies wordy sentences and crafts an alternative for extra clarity.



Summarisation – generates a summary of a longer text document, helping readers to understand relevant information faster.



Personal toolbar in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


Personal toolbar is a new feature that aims to simplify toolbars, displaying only the commands that you use most often. Watch out for the notification below when it becomes available!


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