Microsoft is always looking for new ways to expand collaboration possibilities within its apps. Check out the newest updates coming to Microsoft 365 this month!

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Collaborative Annotations on Presenter

You will now be able to collaboratively annotate shared screen content.

Call Control when Using Bluetooth Headsets and Speakerphones

Use Bluetooth device buttons to control calls without a USB on Teams desktop. This should apply without requiring any user action to enable, other than pairing the headset/speakerphone to the PC.

Chat with Self 

This new feature will allow you to send yourself notes, messages, files, images and videos to store in one place.

Meeting Chat Bubbles

Once enabled, your two most recent chat messages will preview on your screen on both Android and iOS.

E-sign Approvals Fully Embedded

You will now be able to create and review e-signature approval requests directly in Teams.

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E-signature Approvals on Mobile

Create, view and action e-signature approvals on any mobile device. Creators will be able to edit or cancel requests.

Rating Poll

Meeting Owners will be able to create and launch rating polls, as well as share the results live.


Working Hours and Location

These new options in Outlook will allow you to set more flexible working hours, as well as specifying where you plan to work.

Bookings with Me

This new personal booking page will make it much easier to schedule and plan meetings.

Add Image as an Attachment

Images in emails are currently embedded. Soon you will have the choice of attaching or embedding images.

Office App

Idle Session Timeout for Microsoft 365 Web Apps

This will allow IT admins to configure a tenant-wide timeout value based on which users get automatically signed out after a period of inactivity on Microsoft 365 web apps.


New Administrator Role in Azure Active Directory 

Users who are assigned the new Yammer Administrator role will be allowed to manage all aspects of the Yammer service.

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Dictate Your Notes in OneNote

Dictation with voice commands to text will be available in both OneNote on the Web and the Windows desktop application.

Microsoft 365 Admin Centre

Teams App Usage Report

This new usage report will help you track app usage metrics over time.

Project Usage Report

This new usage report will help you understand how Microsoft Project is used within your organisation.

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