What is it?

Cyber Essentials certification is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme. It increases employee awareness of cybercrime activities and helps businesses protect themselves against an attack, whilst giving them a clear understanding of the core security measures they need to have in place at all times.

The scheme was developed by the National Cyber Security Centre. It allows businesses to showcase their credentials, which proves to clients they are trustworthy and secure, as their information is also at risk when there aren’t security measures in place.

From a potential customer’s point of view, you will always be one step ahead against a competitor who doesn’t have these measures in place.

There are two types of certification that can be completed. The first is just ‘Cyber Essentials’, which is a foundation level certification, providing you with core cyber security elements you need to have in place to remove the risk of the most common security threats.

‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ is a higher-level certification. It tests your security systems and finds areas of vulnerability, as well as providing the security measures that protect against hacking and phishing attacks.

We will carry out internal and external tests of your network as a simulated cyber-attack to work out your weaknesses. We will also do an on-site assessment to give you a higher level of assurance that you’re complying with the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Why is it important?

If you are Cyber Essentials certified, it proves that your business takes a proactive stance against cyber criminals. It shows your stakeholders that you are invested in protecting your data, as well as theirs.

It has been proven that by taking these steps, it can protect your organisation from around 80% of all attacks, that’s a lot!

If you would like more information, please get in contact with us and we can guide you on taking the next steps to being Cyber Essentials certified!

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