More control over your emails

Picture this: You’re signing up for yet another online service, and they ask for your email address. Your primary email address, the one that’s been your digital identity for years. This new service starts sending you a barrage of promotional emails, newsletters, and updates that you honestly have no time or interest for. Familiar story?

Fear not, for plus addressing is here to save the day – It’s an email trick that might just change the way you manage your inbox forever!

Plus addressing, sometimes referred to as “subaddressing” or “address tags,” is a feature that allows you to create custom variations of your email address by adding a “+” sign and some extra characters after your username and before the “@” symbol. It’s like giving your email a secret identity!

So, if your email address is, you could use when signing up for news updates. It’s still your inbox, but now you can filter and organise incoming emails like a pro.

Let’s consider a few scenarios to highlight where plus addressing could make your digital life easier:

Filtering Like a Pro: With plus addressing, you can easily filter incoming emails based on the address you used. You could create custom folders for different types of emails and have them automatically sorted. Say goodbye to a cluttered inbox and hello to streamlined organisation!

Spotting Shady Senders: Ever wonder who’s been selling your email to spammers? Use different plus addresses for different services, and if you start receiving spam on an address that only one company had, you’ll have a pretty good idea who’s to blame.

Managing Newsletters: You love subscribing to newsletters but hate how they clutter your inbox? Use a plus address for each newsletter you sign up for, and you can easily filter them into a dedicated folder. That way, your main inbox stays squeaky clean.

Guestimating Email Source: Curious about how your email address got into the wild? If you used a plus address for each online store or service, you could track down who’s been sharing your details without permission.

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How to Become a Plus Addressing Pro

Becoming a plus addressing pro is easier than brewing a cup of tea. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

Use this format: Just add a “+” sign after your regular username and throw in some identifying text. For example,
Create Filters: Depending on your email provider, you can create filters or rules that automatically sort emails based on the plus addresses you used. Google’s Gmail, for instance, lets you do this with ease.
Enjoy the Magic: Now watch as your inbox becomes a place of Zen. Unwanted emails are filtered away, newsletters are in their happy little folders, and you, my friend, are in control.
So, whether you’re tired of hunting for important emails in the midst of a digital jungle or simply want to keep your personal and professional communications separate, plus addressing could be your email knight in shining armor.

Give it a go, and who knows, you might just start looking forward to checking your inbox!

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