Passwords are a pain. You’re supposed to have a unique, strong password for every account, but these days when people may have tens or even hundreds of accounts, that’s too much to remember. It’s no wonder so many still use the same, weak passwords for many accounts.

You could use a password management tool, but if your master password is hacked, then all your passwords will be exposed. You might also forget your master password causing further frustration!

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And even if you have the world’s best memory and follow password best practices, your password may still get hacked! That’s because passwords rely on ‘human readable shared secrets’. Human readable passwords aren’t as secure as cryptographically generated ones, and a secret when shared is less of a secret; it is then stored not only on your device but also on the server, both of which can be hacked.

Fortunately, there is another way to secure your accounts. Introducing passkeys! Passkeys are a new type of login credential that allow you to log in to sites and services without having to enter a password. They are a unique digital key that can’t be reused and are stored in an encrypted format on your devices instead of on a company’s servers which keeps them safe in the event of a data breach.

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