What is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

EDR is an integrated security solution that combines real-time, continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data, with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities. It will automatically detect and investigate suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints, allowing IT/security teams to instantly detect and respond to threats.

Key features include:

  • Automated monitoring and data collection from endpoints that may indicate a threat
  • Data analysis to identify potential threat patterns
  • Automatic responses to identified threats to remove/contain them and notify security personnel
  • Forensics and analysis tools to research any identified threats

The integration of this solution is forecast to increase significantly over the next few years. This is due to rising numbers of endpoints attached to networks, which are easier to infiltrate than a network, as well as the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber attacks.

Traditional anti-virus has worked so far, but it’s time to level up our security systems.

Traditional Anti-Virus

  • Unable to roll-back your system to a pre-infection state, increasing your risk to ransomware.
  • Uses signatures to identify threats, causing a delay in keeping up to date with the latest malicious strategies.
  • Scans run daily or weekly, leaving too much time between, increasing your security risk.
  • Scans can slow down device performance.
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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • If infected, this solution will roll back your device to its pre-infection state.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to monitor and detect current and emerging threats.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Continual monitoring ensures device performance remains optimal.
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