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Lan Support Case Studies

London Medical Laboratory


London Medical Labs, a healthcare service provider, decided that their IT infrastructure wasn’t enabling them to achieve the high standards they set for themselves and their team. They relied on an on-premise server for their data, so users working outside of the lab had to use a VPN connection, which caused a number of frustrating issues.

“I knew that our current IT infrastructure was aged, on premise and was not being maintained to the extremely high standards I wanted to employ. With the onsite server being the only repository for data, users working outside the lab required users to access the servers via a VPN connection. This caused connectivity issues, logon issues, security issues as well as lost productivity.”



LAN support recommended they move to the cloud and set them up with state-of-the-art productivity and cyber security tools, and just in time too. Soon after migrating the Covid pandemic broke out in the UK.

“I first came across LAN Support while consulting in another private medical centre in Chelsea, London. They really impressed me as they transferred the centre from an on-premise server environment to a solution that offered mobility, security and above all ease without increasing costs, in fact they actually reduced costs.”



London Medical Labs were thrilled. Their IT systems had gone from causing frustration and wasted hours to enabling them to work smarter and more productively than they expected.

Being a clinical testing specialist and provider of pathology diagnostics services, they soon became a lab testing centre for Coronavirus. Demand surged and the organisation was doubling in size every month!

“We went from 6 employees to 46 in 3 months. The new IT solution allowed us to quickly deploy new laptops providing cloud-based access to information, communication, and collaboration tools instantly. The solution also allowed for home working.”

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