Nugent Debenham Houghton Marsh

Compared to the other solutions on the table, LAN Support offered considerably clearer IT support packages to choose from, which were all easy for us to understand with a very clear fixed price, allowing us to choose the correct service and to budget precisely.

Employees: 27

One of the biggest challenges of having a business owner who owns 3 separate companies and having offices in different locations around London is making sure every team has access to the necessary project files, such as high resolution photos, video clips, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, Word documents and project folders, regardless of their location. Since all 3 companies did not share the same infrastructure, designers, account managers, sales and accounts departments would often resort to using consumer solutions such as Dropbox, Huddle or Box to share information. This left the group of companies very decentralised which presented problems to the owner and her management team.

“We had employees bringing in personal consumer services to share and work on files, some of which contained private and sensitive information. We had no insight into where exactly these files were stored, who could view them and who legally owned them. I knew we needed to find a solution that offered more control and that could be easily used by everyone. LAN Support offered us that solution”.

Not having a centralised infrastructure for users to access and collaborate on files meant teams had to send project documents via email and unauthorised cloud-only solutions, but because most design files are large by nature, they often encountered bandwidth problems sending and receiving files. Becoming more and more frustrated, users across all 3 businesses would often collaborate as individuals rather than a team which led to multiple versions of the same pitch or forecast leaving them guessing as to which was the latest version. Not only did this delay the process of completing projects, added confusion but it delayed sharing their work with clients.

In addition to this, the client was unsure about the integrity of backed up data, they knew they had no control and did not know where backups of important client files was or even if they existed.

Benefits: Simplification through a packaged service designed for a small business

After looking at file sharing services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and SharePoint they knew they wanted a solution that offered a hybrid deployment model. “After discovering the Egnyte file services platform, we quickly decided that it matched what we needed in a solution. Lan Support had shown us the system in a live format and were able to fully demonstrate the ease of use and the huge benefits this solution offered in a simple 60-minute meeting”. Leveraging their existing server we deployed Egnyte Storage Sync next to their existing storage, syncing their locally stored files to the cloud and enabling real-time sync, we also migrated scattered documents from the consumer solutions such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive which employees had adopted. This allowed employees in any office to collaborate together as if they were at the same location and provided uninterrupted access to sales material, presentations, accounts information, video clips and other project files from one central access point. Designers, account managers and the accounts department could now access and collaborate on files from anywhere, on any device, regardless of location.

Another key benefit of the overall solution was the fact we knew we were in very safe hands, as all services including management, maintenance and security of our laptops and PC’s were taken care of. We knew that if any member of staff had any technical problems, they could call the help desk to resolve the issue; this also helped us with starters and leavers.